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"URAL-NEFT", LLC was established in 2006 by combining several small oil and gas producers operating in the PERM REGION. Today, URAL-NEFT operates 17 oil and gas fields and blocks, including the largest field, Yaraktinsky, responsible for more than 85% of the Company's total production. Ural Neft is focused mainly on exploration and production of oil, condensate and natural gas M100 black oil, diesel fuel and aviation kerosene; However, it also handles the re-injection of gas from the project and studies other possibilities for gas utilization. Most properties of the Company are located in the immediate vicinity of the ESPO.

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"URAL-NEFT", the oil company took the dangers and working capacity analysis (HAZOP)

"URAL-NEFT", the oil company took dangers and working capacity analysis (HAZOP) * to identify the potential risks and performance problems of the new gas processing plant being built in the Yaraktinsky area. The new plant will have an operating capacity of 3.6 million cubic meters per day. The company decided to conduct HAZOP research at an early stage of the gas project and plans to conduct several more studies at a later stage...

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URAL-NEFT, an oil company, is exploring and exploring various options that could lead to the commercial use of more components of natural and associated petroleum gas (APG) than gas condensate currently being evacuated by a gas bicycle in the Yaraktinsky area. The group believes that it has significant reserves of natural gas resources and the monetization of these assets is an important task. In addition, the use of APG is a high priority target as oil production continues to grow. Gas monetization projects are extremely capital intensive and, therefore, should be implemented in several stages. The current stage of development of the gas business will continue the injection of gas into the reservoir of the object in the Yaraktinsky field. It involves the construction of the following facilities:.