Report on the implementation of environmental and social activities of OOO URAL-NEFT for 2013

LLC "URAL-NEFT" the oil company has imposed additional responsibility in the sphere of observance of ecological safety:

Involving the EBRD as a shareholder, URAL-NEFT LLC assigned the oil company additional responsibility in the sphere of environmental safety. As a consultant on environmental issues, one of the leading companies in this field was invited to develop a detailed action plan for environmental protection, rational use of natural resources and minimizing the impact of production on the environment.

In OOO URAL-NEFT, an Environmental Committee has been set up under the chairmanship of the CEO, which addresses priority issues pertaining to environmental protection on a weekly basis.

On the implementation of environmental measures in 2013, spent about 50 million rubles.

Among the priority environmental measures implemented by the company, we can distinguish the following:

  • development and implementation of an environmental management system in accordance with international standards;
  • monitoring of the environment at all fields of the holding with the involvement of scientific institutions of the Irkutsk Scientific Center of the SB RAS;
  • the design of the landfill for solid domestic wastes (MSW) in the area of the settlement of V.Markovo, the construction of which will begin in 2014. After commissioning of the landfill for SHW, it will receive not only waste generated as a result of the company's activities, but also waste from V. Markovo. Waste from the village population will be taken at no cost.
  • purchase of compact treatment plants (KOU-12 - 2 pcs. and KOU-50-2 pcs.) for wastewater treatment at the Yarakta oil condensate field. In the warm period of 2014 will begin. work on their installation and laying of sewage systems

  • Particular importance for the Company is the implementation in the territory of Yarakta deposits of the project on the return injection of associated gas into the reservoir, which will almost completely stop its combustion and significantly reduce the pollution of atmospheric air.

    In determining production goals, the Company conducts an open dialogue with all stakeholders on environmental protection and environmental safety issues and remembers that the nature and health of future residents of our native land is in our hands and does everything necessary for this.

    International environmental consultant ENVIRON-UK in April and August 2013, assessed the implementation of the existing corporate plan for environmental and social activities.