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The strategy is developed by OOO URAL-NEFT

The development strategy of OOO URAL-NEFT is based on the long-term Development Plan approved by the Board of Directors of the holding company OOO URAL-NEFT. In general, the priorities of the Development Plan are aimed at increasing the assets and production volumes throughout LLC URAL-NEFT..

The Development Plan of the INC is formed taking into account such factors as:

  • Industrial Safety,
  • environmental aspects of development of deposits, licensed subsoil plots and construction of infrastructure,
  • preservation of the historical, architectural and cultural heritage of small peoples living in the territories where the development of deposits and licensed subsoil areas takes place,
  • strategy of economic development of the region.
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The key areas of development of OOO URAL-NEFT are

Increase in hydrocarbon production:

OOO URAL-NEFT sets a goal: to increase the annual hydrocarbon production by 2015 at all fields and license areas of the URAL-NEFT Group to 3.5 million tons (75,000 barrels per day).

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Increase in the resource base

The increase in the resource base is carried out by:

  • geological exploration (seismic exploration, deep exploratory drilling, geochemical research and thematic works) in the fields and licensed areas of the subsoil, both within its own projects and within the framework of joint ventures with Russian and foreign partners,
  • acquisition of companies that hold licenses for geological exploration, exploration and production of hydrocarbon raw materials,
  • acquisition of licenses for geological study (including for the purpose of searching for and evaluating hydrocarbon deposits), exploration and production of hydrocarbon raw materials in the fields and licensed subsoil plots located in the territory of Eastern Siberia and neighboring regions. The INK Group owns 19 geological exploration licenses (including for the purpose of searching for and evaluating hydrocarbon deposits), exploration and production of hydrocarbons in the Irkutsk region and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia).

  • Use of modern technologies

    LLC "URAL-NEFT" intends to continue to use the latest technologies in its fields and licensed subsoil plots, taking into account the specifics of Eastern Siberia. For this purpose, the specialists of URAL-NEFT LLC are in constant contact with the leading engineering and manufacturing companies both in Russia, and in the USA, Canada and Japan.

    Modern technologies are inseparable from continuous training of employees, raising the level of their professional knowledge. URAL-NEFT LLC is interested in attracting experienced and well-educated specialists who are ready to join the friendly team of OOO URAL-NEFT and work in the harsh conditions of Eastern Siberia (see Work in OOO URAL-NEFT).

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Construction of oil and gas infrastructure in Eastern Siberia                             

LLC "URAL-NEFT" plans to continue work on the expansion of such infrastructure projects as:

  • oil treatment unit
  • complex gas treatment unit (GPP)
  • construction of infield oil, gas and wires
  • other infrastructure and production facilities.
  • Description of key projects is presented in the section Main Projects.

    The construction of infrastructure facilities is carried out both by the forces of URAL-NEFT itself, and with the involvement of contractors. For those organizations that are interested in providing their services to OOO URAL-NEFT, the information is available in the Tenders section.

    Projects for the utilization of natural gas

    LLC "URAL-NEFT" has significant reserves of natural and associated gas. The issue of gas utilization is one of the key moments of the long-term development strategy of OOO URAL-NEFT. Given the lack of infrastructure in the region to deliver gas to consumers, URAL-NEFT LLC decided to implement the project to re-inject gas into the reservoir with simultaneous extraction of gas condensate and, subsequently, propane-butane mixture (SPBT). URAL-NEFT LLC also considers other possible gas utilization projects, such as the production of electricity at gas turbine power plants, gas chemistry and others.