About us

License holder: OOO URAL-NEFT

License: Number of NE 02 895, issued 15.10.2007

Validity of the license: December 2028 года

Location: PERM REGION.

OOO URAL-NEFT was recognized as a leader in the development and application of technology. We have a proud heritage of achievement, and continue to work on numerous technologies that illustrate the pioneering spirit that exists in every successful company. Our teams focus on technology that can potentially differentiate and provide increased value for exploration and production business.

We are an advanced technology with a collaborative effort that offers participants the opportunity to develop ideas quickly, efficiently and at a lower cost. These development efforts are conducted with industry partners, ranging from individuals, universities, service providers, consortia and joint industrial projects.

LLC "URAL-NEFT" Technologies The organization works in close cooperation with our exploration, production, drilling and additions to organizations the maximum return on our global assets.

Areas of special technology focus include:

Information management: URAL-NEFT LLC Uses state-of-the-art databases to manage the above information, and significant efforts are made to provide efficient access to high-quality data. Much of our information is proprietary, however, most are also obtained through information providers, in addition to internal data.

Parameters of the formation:

Integrated reservoir properties is one of the LLC "URAL-NEFT" strengths. We are focused on providing complex solutions that describe our reservoirs in detail, from the wide parameters of the basin in localized variations, to individual formations. We emphasize solutions that integrate state-of-the-art technologies in various fields: from seismic imaging, geological modeling, petrophysics, reservoir management and production technology. Complex solutions are especially important for the development of plans for the development of increasingly complex reservoirs today. Examples of current efforts to characterize the reservoir include deep-sea, fracture of carbonates and non-traditional.

Drilling and completion of wells:

drilling and additions also OOO "URAL-NEFT" strengths. Most current operations include horizontal wells, many of which are tappings more than two miles in length. Other operations include conventional deepwater developments. The focus of each of these efforts is the provision of suitable wells at the lowest possible cost during the term of the lease..


Once placed on production, and everyone should follow closely to ensure that it continues to work with maximum efficiency. The optimization of production is crucial for ensuring the restoration of developed reserves and maximizing revenues. Minimization of volumes and treatment of produced water is also of primary importance.


OOO URAL-NEFT is also working with co-owners of our Canadian mining assets to develop the processing and upgrading of technologies related to the oil resources of the sands. We operate an experienced demonstration of the owners to demonstrate new technologies, such as solvent extraction prior to field trials in mining operations.